The Future of Pipe: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At NEXA Pipe, we are committed to addressing the challenges faced by the pipe industry and enabling the transportation of difficult and corrosive liquids and gases, such as hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and methane. Our unique proprietary pipe products are composite pipelines and relining solutions, manufactured using a mobile production line and innovative methodologies and equipment.

A Better Solution: Outperforming the Competition

NEXA Pipe offers significant competitive advantages over other products and technologies on the market. Our composite pipelines and relining solutions provide superior performance for transporting corrosive and hazardous materials, ensuring safety and reliability in various industries.

An Enormous Market: Serving Diverse Industries

We cater to an extensive market, including traditional oil and gas, clean energy, mining, water, chemical industries, carbon capture and storage, and pipe relining and repair. Our products have the potential to transform the pipe industry and support the world’s transition to more sustainable energy production.

Revolutionising the Industry: A Game Changer for Energy Production and Climate Change

NEXA Pipe has the potential to revolutionise the pipe industry, the world’s energy production, and meaningfully address climate change. Our innovative products enable the transition to clean energy and more sustainable industrial processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be at the forefront of developing solutions for the transportation of renewable gases and supporting the decarbonisation of industries.

A Diversified Business: Catering to a Wide Range of Customers and Geographies

NEXA Pipe has a diversified business model, serving prospective customers across various industries and geographies. Our relining solutions and in-factory or in-field pipe production capabilities allow us to serve different markets and provide value to customers in need of pipeline restoration, repurposing, and corrosion protection.

Relining Existing Pipelines: Innovative Solutions for Restoration and Repurposing

Our relining solutions involve forming a new pipe inside an existing pipe using our proprietary flat tube technology. This allows for restoring or repurposing pipelines without the need for excavation. Our target markets for relining solutions include restoring aged or damaged pipeline systems without digging, repurposing existing pipelines, and providing corrosion protection for steel pipelines.

In-Factory or In-Field Pipe Production: Versatile Manufacturing for Various Industries

We produce 12 to 20-meter pipe lengths at our tube factory for traditional in-field deployment. We also form 500-meter pipe lengths in the field with only one pipe joint every 500 meters. Our target markets for new pipe products include oil and gas, clean energy, mining, water, chemicals, carbon capture and storage, and the transportation of corrosive liquids and gases.

NEXA Pipe is at the forefront of pipe technology, enabling the transition to a sustainable future. We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions, building new partnerships, and transforming industries for a better tomorrow.

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