Nexa Pipe’s Innovative Solutions Can Enable Safe and Efficient Hydrogen Pipeline Infrastructure for South Korea and Australia’s Net Zero Goals

Hydrogen pipe
Hydrogen pipe

As South Korea and Australia work to achieve ambitious net zero emissions targets by 2050, the development of clean hydrogen infrastructure has become a major priority. However, transporting hydrogen comes with unique challenges due to its chemical properties. This is where Nexa Pipe’s innovative pipe and pipeline relining solutions can play a crucial role in enabling safe, efficient and sustainable hydrogen pipeline infrastructure.

The Drive Towards Clean Hydrogen in South Korea and Australia

Both South Korea and Australia have pledged to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This will require a major transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy sources like hydrogen.

South Korea in particular faces pressing energy security issues as it currently imports over 90% of its energy needs. Developing domestic clean hydrogen capabilities can help South Korea achieve energy independence and fuel diversity. The South Korean government has set out bold plans to expand its hydrogen economy, including:

  • Installing over 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations nationwide by 2040
  • Achieving over 5 million tons of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030
  • Developing capabilities to import clean hydrogen from overseas partners

Australia has also identified clean hydrogen exports as a major economic opportunity. With its abundant land and renewable energy resources, Australia aims to become a major global exporter of clean hydrogen. Australian companies are actively developing large-scale green hydrogen production hubs to supply international markets.

The Challenges of Transporting Hydrogen

While hydrogen holds great potential as an emissions-free fuel, effectively transporting it poses complex technical hurdles:

  • Hydrogen gas is difficult to transport efficiently over long distances through pipelines due to hydrogen embrittlement issues that compromise pipe integrity.
  • Liquid hydrogen avoids embrittlement but requires cooling hydrogen down to extremely low cryogenic temperatures below -253°C. This results in major energy losses.
  • Converting hydrogen to liquid organic hydrogen carriers like ammonia allows easier transport but also leads to some conversion losses.

Building safe, efficient, very long-distance hydrogen pipelines is key for unlocking hydrogen’s potential at scale. This is where Nexa Pipe’s innovative solutions can make a major impact.

How Nexa Pipe Provides Game-Changing Solutions for Hydrogen Pipelines

Nexa Pipe brings together world-leading expertise in materials science, corrosion protection, pipe manufacturing and pipeline construction to offer advanced solutions optimized for transporting hydrogen.

In-Factory Pipe Production

Nexa Pipe’s state-of-the-art steel pipe manufacturing facilities allow large-scale production of specialty pipes designed to address hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion risks. Key capabilities include:

  • Use of advanced steel alloys resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
  • Multi-layer pipe designs with corrosion resistant barrier layers
  • Quality control and testing procedures tailored for hydrogen duty
  • Capacity to produce pipes in large 12-20m lengths for efficient construction

In-Field Pipe Manufacturing

Nexa Pipe’s patented in-field pipe manufacturing technology allows continuous pipes to be formed at the construction site itself:

  • Pipes up to 500m long can be formed without any welds, maximizing integrity
  • The technology pipes to be perfectly fitted to the terrain during construction
  • Significantly fewer pipe joints minimize risk of leaks from hydrogen embrittlement

Pipeline Relining

Nexa Pipe’s innovative pipeline relining solutions enable existing pipelines to be re-purposed for hydrogen duty:

  • Using robotic systems, a new hydrogen-ready pipe is formed within old pipelines
  • Trenchless installation avoids disruption from excavating and re-laying pipes
  • Extends asset lifespan, reduces costs and maximizes sustainability

Nexa Pipe’s relining technology can also create robust barrier layers within steel pipelines to protect against corrosion and embrittlement.

Integrated Delivery Model

Nexa Pipe brings together all of the above solutions into a integrated delivery model tailored to each project:

  • Experienced engineering teams support clients from design to construction
  • Both in-factory and in-field fabrication capabilities
  • Full suite of products and technologies under one roof
  • Enables custom-designed, optimized hydrogen pipeline delivery

With this integrated expertise and technology portfolio, Nexa Pipe can provide turnkey, end-to-end solutions enabling safe, efficient and sustainable hydrogen pipelines.

Major Applications Across Industries

Nexa Pipe’s hydrogen pipeline solutions can facilitate the expansion of hydrogen usage across a wide range of industries in South Korea, Australia and beyond:

Hydrogen for Transport

  • Long-distance hydrogen pipelines to connect seaport hydrogen import terminals to inland demand centers.
  • Expanding pipeline infrastructure between green hydrogen production hubs and urban demand centers.
  • Distribution pipelines for supplying commercial hydrogen fueling stations.

Hydrogen for Industry

  • Pipelines supplying hydrogen feedstock to refineries, steel mills, fertilizer plants and other industrial facilities
  • On-site hydrogen piping networks at industrial plants, refineries and gas processing sites.

Hydrogen for Power Generation

  • Pipelines delivering hydrogen to gas-fired power plants and hydrogen turbine generators
  • Onsite hydrogen piping to fuel cells for distributed power generation

Hydrogen for Export

  • Transmission pipelines connecting large centralized hydrogen production hubs to coastal export facilities
  • Offshore hydrogen pipelines for seaborne transport
  • Cryogenic pipelines supplying liquid hydrogen to export facilities

Hydrogen for Domestic Heating/Cooking

  • Hydrogen pipelines integrated with existing natural gas distribution networks to supply homes and businesses

Key Benefits for South Korea and Australia

By enabling safe, efficient hydrogen pipelines, Nexa Pipe can help South Korea and Australia unlock the full potential of hydrogen to meet their net zero goals:

For South Korea

  • Accelerate the buildout of a nationwide hydrogen pipeline infrastructure.
  • Import large volumes of cost-competitive clean hydrogen from overseas.
  • Achieve greater energy independence through domestic green hydrogen.
  • Decarbonize emissions-intensive sectors like industry, transport and power generation.
  • Reduce air pollution in cities by displacing fossil fuel usage.

For Australia

  • Unlock Australia’s potential as a major renewable hydrogen exporter.
  • Support the development of remote green hydrogen hubs.
  • Create construction and manufacturing jobs during pipeline buildout.
  • Generate major export revenue through hydrogen exports.
  • Aid the decarbonization of Australia’s domestic industry and power generation.

Nexa Pipe’s Innovative Solutions in Action

To demonstrate Nexa Pipe’s capabilities, here are two project examples:

Project: Long-distance hydrogen transmission pipeline
Location: Australia to South Korea
Project Details:

  • The offshore and onshore pipeline connecting green hydrogen production hub in Australia to South Korea
  • World’s longest seafloor hydrogen pipeline once completed
  • Nexa Pipe’s in-field pipe manufacturing used to quickly construct pipeline across challenging seabed terrain
  • Barrier coatings and lining provide 360° protection against hydrogen embrittlement
  • Monitoring and safety systems for leak prevention and control

Customer Benefits:

  • Enables bulk hydrogen imports to meet South Korea’s demand
  • Reduces hydrogen transportation costs
  • Optimized construction minimizes environmental impact

Project: Hydrogen distribution network Location:South Korea Project Details:

  • Hydrogen pipelines across South Korea
  • Connects seaport import terminal to cities’ public transportation depots
  • Supplies hydrogen fuel cell buses and passenger vehicles
  • Existing natural gas pipelines relined with Nexa Pipe’s technology to carry hydrogen
  • Minimizes urban disruption and maximizes the use of existing infrastructure

Customer Benefits

  • Accelerates decarbonization of Seoul’s transportation sector
  • Significantly reduces air pollution from buses and commercial vehicles
  • Showcases hydrogen potential to citizens
  • Lowers costs by leveraging existing pipelines

These projects demonstrate how Nexa Pipe provides end-to-end solutions enabling the safe and efficient transportation of hydrogen over long distances, maximizing the environmental and economic potential of hydrogen for South Korea and Australia.


To achieve their ambitious net zero targets, South Korea and Australia are betting big on hydrogen playing a major role. However, effectively scaling up hydrogen infrastructure remains a key challenge.

Nexa Pipe brings together world-leading expertise in advanced materials, corrosion protection and pipe fabrication to provide customized solutions that address the complexities of transporting hydrogen.

By enabling long-distance transmission pipelines, distribution networks and innovative approaches like relining existing pipelines, Nexa Pipe can be the game-changing partner needed to help South Korea and Australia fully realize hydrogen’s immense potential and build the foundation for a net zero future.

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